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spoooooky halloween word list!

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Hopefully this can help those of you who are in foreign countries that don't celebrate Halloween, and might not know common words we use. I'm sure there are more scary things out there that have not been included, but I think this is a good start! Happy Halloween!

Scary Halloween Words (and their meanings)

·Bat- a small black animal that can fly. On Halloween it can turn into a more human-like Vampire that walks around sucking people’s blood from their necks!

·Black Cat- on Halloween they are bad luck if they cross your path. They are said to be the pets of witches.

·Broom- witches fly through the night sky on brooms.

·Candy- people, especially kids, eat lots of candy on Halloween. Every house in the neighborhood will have candy ready for kids who come around and say, “Trick or Treat.”

·Clown- a popular funny Halloween costume. Usually the person has a big fuzzy red wig, a big red nose, big shoes, and a crazy, colorful outfit.

·Costume- a special outfit you wear on Halloween to make you look like something or someone else. Popular costumes are: princess, werewolf, vampire, TV or movie characters, ghost, clown, etc.

·Ghost- a popular simple costume made out of a bed sheet with holes cut out for your eyes. Ghosts are said to walk around on the night of Halloween to scare people. They are the spirits of dead people who are not at rest. They say, “boo!”

·Ghost Story- scary stories told on Halloween, usually at night, in the dark.

·Goblin- another monster, an evil, small, creature that is ugly and likes to cause trouble (mischievous).

·Haunted-House- usually in most neighborhoods or towns, there is one old house that no one lives in that is said to be haunted. Ghosts live there, and if you go to a haunted house, you might not come out!

·Jack-O-Lantern- a pumpkin with a carved (cut) out face. You put a candle inside the pumpkin so the face glows. Most people put these on their front porches or in windows.

·Mask- sometimes people wear masks on their faces on Halloween so you won’t recognize them.

·Monster- a scary person on Halloween. Typical monsters are: mummy, ghost, vampire, werewolf, skeleton, witch, and goblin.

·Mummy- a dead person wrapped completely in bandages. The mummy is actually from Egypt, where after people died, they were wrapped in cloth bandages and buried.

·Party- on Halloween, everyone from children to adults have parties!!

·Pirate- a common Halloween costume. A pirate is a person who robs ships at sea (this is an old word). Usually the costume includes an eye-patch and an old-style sailing costume.

·Pumpkin- a big orange fruit (a squash) that we carve faces into at Halloween, and then put a candle inside. (Once the face is carved, it is called a Jack-O-Lantern). We also roast the seeds with salt and oil to make a snack

·Scary- a word you usually hear at Halloween to describe something that makes you afraid. Other common words with the same meaning: spooky, frightening, freaky, creepy, eerie, bloodcurdling, horrifying.

·Skeleton- a common Halloween costume where a person wears all black and paints the bones of the human body (skeleton) in white on their clothes. Walking skeletons are another type of scary monster.

·“Trick-or-Treat”- a phrase that every child must say when they walk door-to-door asking for candy. Also, the act of going door-to-door to ask for candy is called “Trick-or-Treating”

·Vampire- another monster and common Halloween costume. This monster is a dead person who leaves his/her grave at night to try to drink living people’s blood to stay alive. The costume usually includes fake, long teeth and a long black cape.

·Werewolf- a common monster and Halloween costume. This monster is a human that changes into a human-sized wolf during a full moon and attacks people. Sometimes the costume includes a furry wolf mask and normal clothes.

·Witch- another common Halloween costume. The wearer should always be a woman, who usually wears a tall, pointy black hat and a black dress and cape. She may also have a fake long nose and carry a broom (for travel). She is a person who is thought to be evil (sometimes) and has magic powers.

·Wizard- another common Halloween costume. The person (a man) usually wears a robe or cape and pointy hat, sometimes with a long gray beard. He also has magic powers, but is not as evil as a witch is thought to be.

·Zombie- a common Halloween costume and monster. It is a dead person brought back to life by witchcraft. The costume usually has dirty, holey clothes (because he/she has been dead and buried for awhile!).

Suzie Pearce, Chicago, Illinois US
(though now I live and teach in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China)

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