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Bananas----a quickie!

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Ok, this one is simple, but it results in tons of laughter. (I used it for the beginning of a conversation class with students who already knew each other. Ages 13-17)

Basically, the teacher picks someone to be "it." The main goal of "It" is not to laugh or smile. Then the students in the class ask "It" questions, but "It" can only respond with the word "bananas." (They shouldn't be yes/no questions!!)

For example: "What is your girlfriend's name?" Answer: BANANAS!
"What is your favorite sport?" --Bananas

Its a great warm-up for class. My kids laughed hysterically.

Submitted by Carie Mattison de Ordoņez,
ESL teacher, Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, MEXICO

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