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This is a really good game that was passed on to me a couple of years by another teacher but which I have improved upon a bit. It is great because the kids love it, it is easy to conduct, and the students benefit very quickly from it.

This is how it works:
1.) Set up enough chairs at the front of the class (in a circle or a line) for all of the students minus one. So, if you have 12 students then set up 11 chairs.
2.)The student who does not have a chair has to call out "I see someone who is wearing pants/a shirt/socks/a hoody/a turtleneck/etc."
3.)Those students who are wearing the item of clothing that is called out must stand up and switch spots with another student. Meanwhile, the caller must also try to find a spot.
4.)The student left without a chair is the new caller.

You can play variations with this game after they get better or to practice different grammatical forms or vocabulary. For example, you could have them call out "I see someone who ISN'T wearing a hat/ a jacket/ etc." to practice negations, you could have them say "I see someone who HAS long hair/blue eyes/a red bag/glasses/two arms, etc.", you could have them say "I see someone who LIKES apples/pizza/boogers/etc." and don't for get about negating these verbs. Really, the possiblities are endless on this game.

If you want to play this game but don't have enough space in your classroom, I have also played this game outside and in a gymnasium. Just make sure you have some hula-hoops to replace the chairs. I hope someone finds this game useful.

Any questions, email [email protected]

Jason, Youngju, South Korea

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