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NAZO'S Gerunds and Infinitives

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Dear Teachers,
Everybody knows find someone who activities but here is one I prepared for gerunds and infinitives. Please feel free to use it.


∑ Walk around the classroom and ask questions to find people who do the following.
Ex: Do you like watching the same movie for the second time? If the answer is YES, then you write that personís name into the blank.

1. __________________ likes watching the same movie for the second time.
2. __________________ prefers tasting different dishes.
3. __________________ hates eating meat.
4. __________________ would like to visit Africa.
5. __________________ refuses to talk about love to friends.
6. __________________ hopes to pass this course easily.
7. __________________ loves walking on the beach at night.
8. __________________ prefers to drink coke to milk.
9. __________________ hates talking English in class in front of everyone.
10. __________________ keeps on eating until late at night.

Nazan ÷zÁżnar
Sabanci University
[email protected]
Istanbul, Turkey

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