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I teach grade 1 students and they absolutely love doing this game for review at the beginning of class. It works best with classes of 20, though 30 is manageable if you have enough class space to do it in.

On sheets of blank paper, write one vocabulary word per paper piece. If you have access to a laminating machine, have them laminated. If not, I've found clear packing tape works just as well. 4 wide strips of packing tape covers one side of paper on average. Packing tape costs about 2-3 yuan here in China, and you get fairly big rolls.

Tape your vocabulary words into a hopscotch pattern. Example:

Pink Yellow Green
Circle Square Rectangle

Then show them how you have hop on one foot from word to word, using both feet to land on the words on the outside (in the example above, that would be pink&green and circle&rectangle) before hopping back to one foot.

Before they are allowed to jump to the next word, they have to read the vocabulary word (or just say it, if you use pictures instead). Make them do all of the words.

next time, scrunch up a ball of paper and let them toss it. The square that it lands closer to is the one that they have to skip entirely. Kids love trying to toss the ball so it lands on the square they're having the hardest time with.

When they have the game down, divide them into two teams and have two hopscotch boards laid out. Race them two at a time to see who can say all of their vocab words the fastest as they hop through the board without falling over! The first one done gets a point for their team!

This game is a favorite of my kids, and they play it during their 10 minute break between classes without any prompting from me! Try it! Let me know if it works for you as well as it does for me!

Mandy Banks
Shanghai, China

[email protected]

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