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Minimal Pairs Telephone Pronunciation

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I was just thinking of an activity and combined a few elements of other pronunciation games that i know. Here is the mix:

Make a list of ten (10) minimal pairs and assign them each an individual number. For example:
0 ship
1 sheep
2 shoes
3 choose

You can print the whole list up on a computer and give a copy to each student. Pair off the students and ask them to give each other a fake phone number using the words instead of numbers. They must have pronunciation practice and the other partner must have listening for accuracy practice.
Alternatively, you can do it in a large group where the teacher reads out the numbers and the students must listen accurately.

An example of a student saying a number "0123" would result in them saying the following words "ship sheep shoes choose". The partner should listen and write the answer "0123"

I hope it goes well!
Any feedback goes to -*** [email protected]

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