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Drama Scripts- Costume Building with Garbage

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Costume Building with Recyclable Items!

I teach an Elective English at a university... although I think that this activity could be adapted for any age. My class learns English through theatre and only theatre... You can find many English scripts on my site...
I assign my students to bring a useless item or something that they found in the garbage to class. They are not permitted to bring generic garbage like bottles and cans. I then give them the following handout...

You will be given a character from your crazy teacher Denise. Design and create a costume for this character using the materials you brought and the 4 items given to you. You will work in groups of four. Two people will be actors, one person the Director(in my class ...responsible for making the scene visually interesting and telling the actors where to move, also introduces the scene) and one person the Stage Manager (the time keeper, and the only person allowed to use the costume and prop box in my classroom)

1. You may use the materials any way you see fit.

2. You may use any articles that you find as long as they are not genuine articles of clothing

3. You may not steal supplies or ideas from other groups, although you may barter.

4. Be as creative as you can!

5. Nothing is ugly in theatre! Itís art.

6. You must create in English!!!

After you create your costume

1. Create a short scene using your character.

2. Three people should be actors.

3. One person should be the director and the introducer.

4. Make sure your scene has a beginning, middle and an end.

5. Your scene should be short, but clear. Practice it!

6. Just do it!

You can develop your own characters. I tend to stick with ones that inspire fairy tale like dramas... (Shakespeare Nymph, An ancient Tree that used to be human, A creature from the Black Lagoon) I stress that each scene does not need to be long... but it must have a beginning a middle and an end.

There is a printable version of this on my site...

Denise... Seoul, Korea

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