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Simple Present Tense

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In order to review the simple present tense I made up a ten-minute activity with the song "For No One" by The Beatles. Just provide the students a copy of the song but remove every verb in the present tense and write the infinitive form of it on the side of the sentence(write NEGATIVE to indicate the use of don't/does't). Give students 2-3 minutes to fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb (you may need to work briefly on the use of -s for the third person singular). It's important to tell students that the meaning of the words is not important at this point; they just have to decide if they use the -s or not (therefore this activity works well for any level). Now play the song once and let students check their work. After that, you may ask if they have any questions or correct their work gap by gap at lower levels. Then play the song once more and encourage your students to sing along. It turned out to be very effective and fun. If you see fit, write on the board /s/, /z/ and /Iz/ and ask students to place the verbs under the symbols according to the pronunciation of the final -s. Let me know how it worked for you and you students.

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If you want, I can e-mail you a copy of the handout...

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