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Frog on a Lily Pad

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Really simple and fun for kids.
Explain lily pads to them. Then tell them they are going to eat frogs and lily pads. They are always disgusted by this. Then give them each a piece of bread and ask them to poke their finger through the middle of the bread. Ask them to make a hole about three inches in diameter through the center (demonstrate, and make sure they don't tear the bread through the edges) They can eat the bread that they pull out. Prepare a medium-hot fry pan with a small amount of oil. Give the kids each a cup and an egg, and get them to break the egg in the cup. Ask them to put the bread into the fry pan, and then pour the egg into the center. When it's looking brown on the bottom (just about 2 minutes), help the child to turn it over with a flipper. Wait about 20 seconds and then turn it onto a plate. Serve with ketchup. There is the frog on the lily pad. You might have to cut it up for the younger children.

Ingredients: sliced bread, medium size eggs (1 of each per student), oil for the pan, ketchup to serve
Utensils: fry pan or griddle, flipper, plates, forks, knife for cutting the finished product, cups for the eggs.
Language: Break the egg into the cup. Pour the egg into the bread. Lift the bread with the flipper.
Have fun!

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