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Protect your egg, 2

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Business people are faced with many problems on a daily basis. I have used this activity many times with great success. You give small groups two balloons, a ball of string, two sheets of A4 paper, a roll of tape and a raw egg. Using only the material provided they must figure out how to drop the egg onto the floor. They must drop the egg with an extended arm while standing on a chair. They can protect the egg any way they want. The only thing that they cannot do is low the egg with the string. Give them only ten minutes. They must of course only speak English. This is a great way to lead into a decision on teamwork and problem solving skills. They are constantly having to listen and give instructions. Leaders will rise and job sharing will have to take place to complete the task. With a competive group reward the most creative. After 10 minutes have them demonstrate their creations. I have them act like a research team that need to name their protect and create a team name pushing the team spirit thing. I found this activity in a book called Business English Recipes by Judy Irgoin published by Longman.
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I used this in my class, and it was terrific! The kids loved it. And, admittedly, I loved it.

If you do this, take your camera to class, you will want to capture some of the ideas. Very neat.

Also, take something to wipe up the broken eggs, and take a few spares of everything.


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