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This is not a personal idea of mine but I thought it was great!

Depending on the number and type of students in the class, make up some categories and write them on the board.
Examples of categories teacher can write on the board

•sports fanatics = love to play or watch sports
•bookworms = love to read
•gamblers = like to take chances
•clotheshorses = are very fashion-conscious and often have a lot of clothes or spend a lot of time and money on their wardrobes
•food freaks = really love food and eating
•homebodies = prefer staying home to going out
•workaholics = are very hard workers and often work overtime
•couch potatoes = prefer watching TV or reading to going out or getting exercise
•Teacher explains each category.
•Ask students to choose one category that they think best describes their personality. (Note: Tell students that this is just for fun so they shouldn't take their choice too seriously.)
•Students who chose the same category form a group.
•Groups discuss why they chose the category they did, why they think it is a good description of themselves, and why it is fun.
•Each student writes down on worksheet a few ideas of what he has heard and each group puts their ideas together.
•A chosen secretary within the group synthesizes the ideas.
•A chosen spokesperson within each group presents the ideas to the class.

Language targeted by activity:
Use of the present verb tense.
The formulation of opinion sentences using because.
Use of argument to prove category is the most fun.

Language needed for interaction:
I choose ________ because, I like, enjoy, I think _______ is the best, greatest because___________.

Proper sentence structure when using because.
Proper intonation use in persuasion sentences.
Choice of effective ideas in argument
Proper choice and use of adjectives.

Naomi Buote
[email protected]

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