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Getting older students interested

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Get students thinking of why english is important and how they will learn it.

Think up a few categories of things. Transportation, food, tools, clothing, rooms in house and feelings usually are good ones.
Next ask each student to get out a sheet of paper and a pencil.
As you name each category students must think of the thing in that category that makes him think of english class and why. For example in the category feelings: Scary because he might have to talk in another language.In the category room a student could choose the kitchen because there is a lot of interaction going on. The teacher then invites students to say their answer out loud and reason why he chose it. This helps the teacher to get to know his students and discuss their apprehensions, ideas and goals about the class. Students also get to know each other and find out that maybe they are not the only ones with those feelings. Teacher can follow up by explaining how class will proceed, what they'll do and what he expects from them.
Naomi Buote
[email protected]

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