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For teachers with a few drawing skills. Count how many pairs of students are in your class. If there is, for example 12 pairs, take 12 index cards and draw a carton of a person (or glue one on) to each card. Make sure to have variety in age, sex, size, clothing, accessories,style and color of hair etc. Next print up a vocabulary sheet with words used to desribe each category (For example hair: long, curly, spiked etc). One sheet for each student in class.
Separate students into pairs. One student in pair gets the picture (index card) and doesn't show it to his partner. Both students get a copy of the helpful vocabulary sheet. The other student listens as his partner (one with picture) describes the picture to him (using vocabulary sheet if needed) and must draw what he thinks the person on card looks like. When finished students compare both drawings. Each pair then changes cards with another pair and one who described now gets to draw.
This activity is really neat to get students to practice vocabulary associated with physical appearance.

Naomi Buote
Quebec, Canada
[email protected]

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