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Scrambled Wordy Clothesline Race

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This is an idea for those teacher who are not scared of using really weird ideas in the class room. This will really grab your students attention believe me!
For any esl classroom.
Grammar(proper sentence structure)
Students work in teams of 5 or 6
Material needed:
Pieces of fairly long rope (one for every team)
Clothespins (quite a few)
5 or 6 separate teacher made packs of pieces of paper each containing one word from a sentence

Teacher choses 5 or 6 sentences depending on Proficiency level of students.
For example: He could choose to get students to practice question formation with use of 5 W question words.
Teacher then takes each word from one sentence and writes it on a seperate piece of paper (about size of a looseleaf cut in two).
Next mix up the words (pieces of paper)of each sentence, hold them together with a paperclip.
Teacher proceeds the same way with each sentence.
Make up different sentences for each team so that teams don't cheat and copy on one another.

Seperate students into teams.
Have 2 students from each team hold up the piece of rope.
Distribute the different packs of mixed up sentences and clothespins to each team.
Each team member has to take turns trying to hang up the words of each sentence in the proper order. The students holding up clothesline yell out their suggestions to the ones trying to put words in proper order. When all members agree on order one team member then writes down the sentence. They repeat this with each mixed up pack of words. Students can change places with those holding rope.
At the end the teacher collects all the answers from each group and all the class participates together in saying if the answer is correct or not. The way you do this depends on you. I suggest keeping one clothesline up for demonstration if you have time or using the blackboard. The students are better able to visualise the proper word order this way and the teacher can demonstrate and illustrate the function of each word in the sentence.Teacher adds up number of correct sentences and declares a winning team.
Who says grammar has to be boring? Hey go ahead have some fun!
Naomi Buote
Thetford Mines, Quebec
[email protected]

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