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Here is an activity I have used many times. It focuses both on grammar and vocabulary, as you will see.

Tell your students they are going to write sentences, but need to take the following rules into account:

1. Each sentence must have at least 5 words.
2. Each word in the sentence must begin with the same letter given by the teacher.
3. You may use a proper name, but only once in a sentence.
4. The winner is the one (or the ones) who can manage to write a correct sentence (it does not matter if it is a little bit crazy)

Then you can get sentences like these:
Every evening eleven elephants escape.
All afternoon animals ate angry avocados.
My mother makes marvelous meatballs.
The tiny tailor took the Tunesian tourists to Tazmania.

An so forth. You will have to correct some errors like word order, subject verb agreement, and the like.
The good thing about this activity is that students make NO USE of their mother tongue, because it is useless! They need to look for an adjective or verb that begins with an "s," for example, so there will be a lof of thinking in English.

I am really sure your students will love the challenge! Give it a try and send me comments.

Mr. Giancarlo Castelo Alí - [email protected]
Arequipa - Peru -South America

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