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Target Language: have to/don't have to
allowed to/not allowed to
can/can not
sports/athletics/games equipment
Level: Pre-intermediate and above
Divide the students into pairs or small groups. Pass out copies
of an amoeba shaped playing field bisected horizonally by a wide
moat filled with sharks (or draw it on the board and have the students
copy it). The moat is too wide to jump over. Explain to the groups
that they will create a game with two opposing teams. The teams must score points on the opposite side of the moat. They can only use equipment from existing sports, athletics, or games. They have to
create and list the rules of their game using: have to, don't have to, allowed to, not allowed to, etc. Encourage them to be as creative
(or silly) as they possible.
The groups will present their games to the whole class. One prize will go to the team who uses the most equipment. Another to the team
who invents the most rules. And the class will vote on the best game.
I've used this exercise many times. The students really apply
themselves to it and you'll be amazed by the games that they create!
Robert Hespe
Huizhou, China

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