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I have had some disciplinary problems in middle school in China: talking while I'm trying to teach. I have developed 2 lessons to deal with the problem and one of the lessons is about my rules of behavior in the classroom - rules for the student and rules for the teacher. The students repeat the dialog containing the rules after the teacher, line by line, and then they work in 2-man groups repeating the dialog to each other (A,B and then B,A). This way they play both roles in the dialog. This dialog lays out the rules and thereafter, all students have read the rules and should know them. One rule is if a student is talking while the teacher is talking, they are asked to stand outside for the remainder of the lesson and the class can get a grade no higher than C for that class. If two people are asked to go outside, the class gets an F that day. If more than 2 are sent out of the class, I cancel the rest of the class and leave. This has been effective in reducing behavioral problems.

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