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This is my variation of grammar auction for those of you who haven't got beans and are too cheap to buy sweets for your class. I use it before I test any class at any level and it hasn't failed me yet.

Give the students some sentances using the grammar they've learnt or are about to be tested on. Make some of them right and some of them wrong, it helps if there's some which are not immediately obvious. Give them the sentances (10 - 15, I've found they get bored with 20) in groups and 10 mins to work out if they're right or wrong. If it's wrong get them to correct it on the handout.

While they're busy, draw a grid on the board which has 2 columns for each team. The first column is their bet and the second is the running total. Explain that they have $1000 to start and they are going to bet on whether the sentances are right or wrong. if they're confident they bet a lot, if they're not sure, not very much. Give them a maximum of $4000 to stop them doubling up and keep it competitive.

Go through each sentance and ask if it's right or wrong and how much they want to bet (stake). If they answer correctly, their stake gets added to their total, if they answer wrongly, it gets taken away. If they say it's wrong but don't have the correct answer written down, the money stays the same. If they get anything wrong you can quickly explain the grammar point again.

This works really well with any age and any level - hope you agree

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