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Writing for punishment ... DON'T

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this gent has it all wrong ..

Name: Cedar
Email: [email protected]
Location: Daegu, Korea

writing as punishment WILL make students resent school, teacher and worst, the class we so much aspire they learn to love.

u don't agree?

try this. take a toy and hit the fingers of any kid each day for three days, then leave the toy on your desk and see if the toy remains there. of course it will be a hated item and will be made to vanish. do you think writing is any different? no, is not.

allow me to guide you to a couple of cosntructive sites that deal with this bad BAD issue.

Four Steps for Better Discipline:

Stages of discipline and behaviour:

be a better teacher, make a difference and allow the students to learn to like academics, not hate them.

[email protected]

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