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I write on the board, 'Why do we learn English?', and students brainstorm some of their reasons out loud. Most are work-related. They say things like: to become a tour guide, teacher, university student, doctor, taxi driver, scientist, traveler, etc. Then they fill in the blanks, and practice with a partner:

Knowing English will help me as a ________ so I can _____________.
Most say things like, communicate with foreign businessmen, read medical journals, teach English to my students, etc. One said to be able to help make the Beijing Olympics great. Students present their sentences/paragraphs to the class out loud.

I end the lesson with a game. The class is split in to two teams, and one member from each team comes to the board. I then say a student's name and the first person to write that kid's reason for learning English correctly gets a point.

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