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Super 'Yes/No' Heads Down Thumbs Up

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Game: heads down thumbs up
Level: Basic to advanced
Age: any!
Number people: maybe 15+

Ok, some of you may have played this before, we played it in Japanese class in high school in Australia as a non language game but it works really well with any Yes/No answer question: eg Do you like ___? Do you have a ___? Can you ___? etc. Here follows a detailed explanation for those who need it!

Drill and practice all answers first and maybe have some pics on the board as ideas so the questions dont take forever...

So, first select 5 or so volunteers to come to the front of the class, these will be the first choosers...

Get the rest of the class to close their eyes, put their heads down (on the desk) and stick their thumbs up.

The choosers go around and select one person each by pinching that person's thumb, that person then tucks their thumb into their fist (so they cant be chosen again) but stays head down, eyes closed.

When each chooser has chosen, get them back to the front and the chosen people to stand up (everyone else opens eyes and sits up)...

The chosen people then need to guess who chose them and address the target question to that person eg: 'yukiko do you have a pet dinosaur?' if yukiko chose them then she answers 'yes i do' and they swap places, if she chose someone else she answers 'no i dont' and the game continues.

Its great if you can get the teacher and yourself involved and let the students run it from there, with you helping with question pronounciation if necessary!

Ibaraki-ken, Japan

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