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Choose a newsy text to a slightly lower level than the student has previously demonstrated. Discuss the skills of a TV News reader. How much time does he spend looking down at his notes? Tell the student that he/she can do it too. Go over the text with him, give him time to understand and familiarise himself with it. Tell him that he must glance at the paper as seldom as possible and scoop up as many words as he can, preferably in thought groups, and speak them to an imaginary camera. Don't correct until the end and be ready to jump start should the student come to a grinding halt. You will be surprised at the glance/speak ratio. Your student will be amazed! I know some people don't value reading aloud in the classroom but as a precursor to teaching presentation skills or simple public speaking this method is great. (I know REAL TV news readers don't read from notes any what!)
John in Hong Kong

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