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I got this one from a friend and used it in a college class. It is definitely for students with higher english skills. Get into groups. Now set the scene. There are only 12 people left alive in the whole world, but you can only take 5 people with you to a new planet where humans have to start all over again and repopulate. List around 10 to 12 different people on the board. Each one should say whether they are male/female, if they have a skill ie doctor/scientist/farmer/nurse/waitress, how old they are and if you like, depending on what you are going to do with the next part if, they are white, black, asian, etc. The rub is that you need to make each person slightly controversial. I had a 35yr. old male scientist who was gay or a 50 yr. old farmer that is racist, a 30 year old black doctor who also has a wife who is preganent, but has no skills, should you take both with you or just one of them? Anyways in their groups they are to reach a consensus about who they would choose to take and they need example why and why they didn't choose others "We didn't choose the farmer because he is racist." We chose the doctor and his wife together because they will be more happy together." This is good to generate discussion and get them talking.

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