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You students can travel to the western world or practically anywhere with just a pen! Join the yahoo group, Flat Travelers. There is a huge data base there. Post a message on the sites message board that you are looking for a host family. You will get alot of emails with host families address.
Have the kids make paper dolls and name them. Help them to write an intro letter introducing the class and where they live. The things they like to do etc. Then mail the paper doll to the host family. They will keep it for a week and then send it back. When it comes back take it to school to share with the kids. Either you can read the letter and show the postcards and other souvenirs or you could get a student to read the letter, depending on their level of English.
My kids really enjoy this. You could also mark on a map where the traveler went. I got enough host families for each student to send their own traveler! They really liked this! I simply asked them each to bring in an envelope with their address and a stamp on it.

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