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Teacher's Photos Game - What ARE you doing Miss?!

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OK ...

so you can use this for kids/adults at any age and level ... if you adapt it!

Find some photographs of yourself (alone or with friends) the funnier the photo or more interesting and detailed the better ... some of you as a child are great too.

Photocopy the photos and enlarge them (black and white is ok) - you need two copies of EACH picture. Each small group (2,3 or 4 students) needs one copied photo

Half the students in the class are going to write stories about the photos using their imagination. Half the students are going to write long lists of questions to ask, these questions should be detailed.

For each photo the students working with one copy should be writing a story and the group with the other copy should be writing questions.

After a while it is time to reveal the stories and questions. Hold up the first photo and get the classes attention, ask the group who wrote a story about it to read their story to the clas ... then have the group who wrote questions ask their questions. You can answer their questions and the truth will be revealed!

This game is great as the kids are so interested in the weird pix of their teacher! (And the concept that we have a life outside the classroom!!)

The folowing week you can ask them each to bring in a picture and play again using their funny snaps ...

The game can be made easier if you don't have them write stories ... only questions

Hope this works for you

Hilary, Hyogo, Japan

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