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Quiz Show

This game is great for listening and speaking. It is to be played like Jeopardy with a grid on the board. The questions in each category are numbered 1-5 in increasing difficulty. The corresponding point system gives 100 points for #1 questions, 200 points for #2 questions., etc. They played in teams and if one team didn't know the answer I allowed another team to try for it. These questions are tailored to South Korean High School students. They loved it and it took the entire 50 minute period! Have fun : )

Art and Literature:
1.Who wrote Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Hamlet? (Shakespeare)
2.Who cut off Van Gogh's ear? (he did)
3.Who painted the Mona Lisa? (Da Vinci)
4.What's the most important book in the Muslim religion? (The Koran)
5.Who painted the Sistine Chapel? (Michelangelo)
1.Name one American rap singer
2.What is the name of Harry Potter’s school? (Hogwarts)
3.In which city is Hollywood? (Los Angeles)
4.Who is the main character in The Lord of The Rings (Frodo)
5.Name two of the Beatles (Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul Mcartney, George Harrison)
1. Name one American city and one American state.
2. What's the highest mountain in Africa? (Kilimanjaro)
3. Which country has the largest area: Australia, Brazil or India? (Brazil)
4. Which is the largest ocean? (Pacific)
5. What's the smallest country in the world? (Vatican City)
1.Who is on the one dollar bill (George Washington)
2.Who was the first man on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)
3.When did the First World War start? (1914)
4.Who did Lady Diana Spencer marry? (Prince Charles)
5.Who is the prime minister of England (Tony Blair)
Wild Card:
1.How many colours are there in a rainbow? (7)
2.What language has the most words? (English)
3.What are the four top teams from the World Cup 2002 (Brazil, German,Turkey, Korea)
4.What's the fastest passenger plane in the world? (the Concorde)
5.Who invented the electric light bulb? (Thomas Edison)

Bonus Round Questions (if needed, each one 500 pts)

1.Which planet is nearest the sun? (Mercury)
2.Who said E=mc2 (Einstein)

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