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Listen Very Carefully- I'll Play this Only Once!

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I can't take the credit for this idea, but it's a good one, so I thought I'd be kind and pass it on.
Very simple. Just prepare a tape of song clips (each clip about 20 or 30 seconds long), and have students listen for a key word in each song. Don't give them the song title cos it kind of gives the game away...
A few examples: 3 Little Birds- Bob Marley (Listen for a number/ animal); Eye of the Tiger- Survivor (a body part/ animal); Yellow Submarine- The Beatles (a colour); Sing- The Carpenters (a verb); Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2 (a day of the week).
You can do anything- months of the year, seasons, words beginning with '...', and the level is totally variable.
Good for warmers, fillers, whatever!

Jess of Joetsu, Japan

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