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Hi everyone!

This activity works best for kids from Grades 5-11, but it can be used with young adults as well.

If you teach in Asia, you may have trouble getting your students to talk. And what can be really difficult is having them speak in full sentences. Recently, I came across a new idea: get your students to insult each other. They love it, especially the more competitive ones.

1. First choose your topic area. Let's say it's adjectives. So think of some negative attributes along with some good ones: ugly, dirty, cute, pretty, happy, angry, silly, tall, handsome, smart, scared. Write all the words on the board, or have your students do it.

2. Next, write on the board the grammatical structure that you would like your students to practice, e.g., [Student's name] is [adjective]. This would render something like, "Marvin is dirty." To make it more complicated, add a noun to the structure: "Marvin is a dirty boy."

3. Then step back and let your students insult each other. I've found that "boys vs. girls" works well; "every person for him/herself" works well, too.

4. Some teachers may disapprove of this idea and think it politically incorrect. Well, I myself don't use it all that often, and I don't think it's good to encourage kids to insult each other too much--even though they already do--but this activity is nevertheless a great way to get your kids talking!

* Another topic you can use is occupations. For example: doctor, lawyer, mail carrier, janitor, secretary, construction worker, painter, student, pizza delivery boy.

I hope this activity works for you!

Max Becker-Pos

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