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World Cup Spelling Knockout

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This game involves almost no preparation from you, and is guaranteed to work your students up to a fever pitch of excitement. The title of the game says it all. This is an elimination game which will produce one ultimate winner - the class spelling champion. The students compete one on one to write a word on the board, and the winner goes through to the next round.

Begin by writing the names of 16 students on small pieces of paper. On the blackboard draw a chart that would be used in the World Cup or other such competition. So first there are 16 lines, then in the next round only 8, then four, then the final.

Draw the names out the hat, and write them up. Then call the students up in pairs, and call out a word. The quickest correct answer progresses to the next round. Some of the combinations it throws up are sure to get them interested, so have fun.


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