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I'm at a school where I came in to teach roughly halfway through the academic year. The students (advanced level learners) had had a rather rough go of things the first half due to aspects of their culture shock that went completely ignored. So I turned this into an activity in which they can help others who may find themselves in the same shoes, as all foreign students to the States inevitably will: My students created an entire book of personal stories that can be read by new students in order to help them feel a little more comfortable in their new and wild environment. The stories all included an introduction (who, where from, age, etc, so that stu's felt a connection) and then stories about how they felt when they first arrived, what their culture shock was like, and ultimately how things turned out in the end for them. I had great students who insisted on helping the incomers and not frightening them, so they thought of all the positive aspects of being here. With a little enthusiasm it turned into a terrific and really positive project. Each stuednt created their own story, and then I put everything together, printed it up like a book, and now my school uses it as part of the welcoming package. My new students love it, and I can see the sigh of relief on their face the day after they read it. It has been a huge hit. Good luck!

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