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What's so interesting about her? (or him)

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This activity is a great warm-up in a conversation class. You can practice describing people, what they do, present tense questions, etc.

-Each student should write down the names of one or two people that they feel are unique or interesting in some way. These should be people that no one else in the classroom knows.

-Use a pairing activity to pair students up, and then tell the students that they may give the name of one of these people, and their partner will have 3 minutes to find interview them and find out what is so interesting about the person they have chosen.

-The catch is that they may not volunteer this information; they may only answer the questions asked. After three minutes, the interviewer and interviewee can switch places.

-If time permits, allow students to briefly decribe to the class who these people are and why they are so interesting.

I tried this quite successfully in my adult classes, but there are many ways in which it could be modified.

This idea was inspired by a case study in the book, Learning Teaching, by James Scrivener--highly recommended!
Let me know how it works!
Norlan ([email protected])

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