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eg body part flash cards,eyes ears nose mouth arm what you need is small pictures of the flash cards you have,this will be your snow,put the small pictures into and envolope made out of a4paper.and you also need glue.when you go into the class room put the flash cards around the room.ask the children to stand up. the envlope you have in your hand has all the small pictures count 1 2 3 then throw the pictures up into the air.the children then choose one picture come up to you with there picture and you either tell them what it is or they have to tell then put a little glue on the picture and the children have to put there picture on the right flash card.this works very well with 3 year olds and 4 year olds.
i hope i have explained this ok. my name is Robin and i work in a kindergarten in shenzhen china

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