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Going to the Moon

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This game can be used as a way of learning your student's English names, and it's quite fun. The object of the game is to "Go to the Moon" to live. You are the captain of the ship and you have to go, but what will you take with you? Easy, you tell your students that you will take something that begins with the first letter of your name. Example, My name is Mike so I will take with me some milk. However, don't explain that to the students. It would ruin the game! This is what you say to begin the game:
I am the captain of a spaceship that is going to the moon. I need to take things with me, so I will take some ______. Who wants to go with me?
The first student stands and says, "My name is (English Name) and I will take some _________. If the item doesn't match the first letter of the name, you simply say, "Nope, you can't go." and move on to the next person. If a person 'accidentally' gets to go, you write their name on the chalkboard and later you choose your flight crew from the names.
As the game progresses, students will laugh, become frustrated, and eventually understand the game when they see that some of the students are allowed to go. I've played this in language institutions and in colleges. It has always been successful and entertaining to the students.
So, who wants to go to the moon? Enjoy the game!

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