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Song Bingo!

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Bingo is a fun, engaging activity that can be used with songs and raise your learners' awareness of language points.

1. Which songs will work? Any song with lyrics will do. You don't even need to use a complete song. Sometimes a few verses is enough. You can choose a song that contains a language focus that meets your the needs of your class. It's also nice to find a song that is
appropriate to your learners' interests.

2. How big should the bingo cards be? The best bingo cards for an achievable activity are 4 boxes by 4 boxes (ie, 16 boxes altogether).
This way there is enough challenge, but it doesn't take too long for the learners to have a chance to win.

3. What can go in the boxes? Fill the boxes with whatever language
focus your class needs. Some possibilities are:
individual vocabulary words,
multi-word chunks,
grammar structures,
consonant clusters,
and anything else you can think of!

4. How many winning cards should be made? It's nice if there is a winning combination on all the cards so each student has a chance to win. Also, you can have multiple winners that way.

5. When can bingo be played in the lesson? Anytime, really. It can be a great warmer or back up. Or it can be used to help practice or
clarify the language during the meat of the lesson. It could even be used to help set the scene for the rest of the lesson. Flexibility!


Greg Gobel
Prague, Czech Republic
[email protected]

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