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This activity can be used as a fun practice for several different grammatical constructions, but I'll give the example using the first conditional.

I give students several strips of blank paper--an equal number of two different colors. Students must then write out a first conditional sentence on the strips. But here's the trick: On one color--lets say blue--they write the "if" clause. On the other color--lets say yellow--they write the "will" part. So a student would write "If I lose my job," on the blue paper, and "I will cry." on the yellow. You might want to demonstrate this on the board, and then monitor to make sure they're doing it right. After they've all written a few sentences, collect the papers, put students in groups of 3-4, mix up the papers, and redistribute, still keeping an even number of the two colors in each group. Students must then put the sentences together. If your students are creative, the results are hilarious. Then I have them read the best sentences aloud, and we get a lot of laughs.

To make it even harder, have them write some first conditional sentences and then some second conditionals. Mix them all up together. Then the students have to be careful of not confusing the two conditionals.

Another option: do it all on the same color of paper. That makes the matching up more challenging.

Other grammar that works well with this:
Comparatives: Dogs are more friendly than / cats
The USA is bigger than / Switzerland
As...As: I am as tall as / a tree
Clauses with because or so: I woke up early,/ so I did the dishes
You'll discover many more.

Have Fun!

Melinda Brasher
Glendale, Arizona

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