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Materials: A deck of cards for each group. A handout (The whiteboard can serve here instead of a handout).

1. Split the class up into small groups.

2. Give each group a deck of cards and a handout. On the handout, there are going to be many categories such as "Cars", "Colors", "Planets" and the like.

3. Each student in the group blindly chooses a card from the deck in turn. Let's say their card is a "7" for instance. Now they should look at the handout. Maybe the handout says their category is Colors. (Just have them start from the top of the category list and work down sequentially.) In this instance, the student would have to make a list of 7 colors. If they are unable to complete it, they should be punished - let their groupmates choose the punishment...something like dancing or singing.

Note: If they draw a face card, they skip a turn. The Ace can be either 1 or 11...possibly interchanging if you want to make it more fun.

Some ideas for categories are:

1. Days of the week
2. Things that can fly
3. Words that begin with "R"
4. Vegetables
5. Fruit
6. Kinds of meat
7. Pieces of clothing
8. Body parts
9. Continents
10. American actresses

Rhett Merz
[email protected]

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