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tongue twister race!

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what you need: a stop watch and a few tongue twisters! (the weirder the better!)

i work at a low academic high school in very rural Japan. the kids usually sleep through English class but they LOVE this game!

Each row is one team. I write the tongue twister on the blackboard and we practice it a few times. then i give the students 2-3 minutes to practice it themselves. I walk around to make sure everyone has it.

Then I make the kids janken (paper, rock scissors) to see which team goes first. That team stands up. I start the stop watch and one by one they zip through the tongue twister! they sit down when they are finished. After the last kid has said the tongue twister I write the group time on the board. Fastest team wins. Competition is fierce!

I usually end up playing it 3-4 times every class so take lots of tongue twisters with you!

Good tongue twisters are:

Peter Piper picks peppers.

Lovely Laura loves lucky Larry.

Double bubble gum bubbles double.

six sick sheep.

Good luck! and Have fun!!

Carrie in Kumamoto, Japan

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