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the living phrase

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This is a very funny exercise to do with students at beginners stage to impress in their mind the right position of the different parts of a sentence or a phrase (particularly important for English).
I call a group of students, giving each of them a personal name written on a large piece of paper;saying:"you are the subject in the sentence:Mary/YOU/John etc...You are the "verb" am-is-are-has-have or not auxiliary verbs (play drink eat and so on). Another student is the object complement and so on.
Then I call a boy or a girl to the blacKboard and I say him/her:they are like puppets; you have to move them to get the sentence i ask you, picking them from their seats and carrying them near the wall.
Then I say:Please transform this sentence into theinterrogative/negative or so on..
They enjoy a lot this kind of experience,learning that each part of a sentence occupies a precise position.

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