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Famous Homophones

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This activity tries to teach a bit of pronunciation, homophones, using famous actors and actresses' names. For example, some famous film stars' names are difficult to pronounce for pupils and they get confused. To avoid this, I have designed the following activity:

Pupils have to guess the correct pronunciation of some names as well as the main films of these famous people. For example:
The leading role of "The English Patient" is Ralph Fiennes, which is pronounced /fainz/ as the word "fines", or Rachel Weisz /vaiz/,the main actress in "The Mummy", is pronounced as in "vice".
So the teacher can provide a list of films, actors and actresses, and the homophone words while the pupils have to match them according to the appropriate pronunciation. Then they can try to look for more famous homophones: Hugh (hew)Grant; Halle (hail) Berry (bury); ...
Don't forget to use the phonetic transcription!
It can be really motivating. If you try it, please let me know.

Sofía Rodríguez
[email protected]

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