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Magnet Mania

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This game requires a Magnetic Poetry set (available at or on E-bay, etc.) and dice.

Students roll the dice to determine the number of tiles they must use to make a grammatically correct sentence. Separate tiles such as "s" count as one tile and can be used to form plurals or verb agreement. One point awarded for each tile used up to the number rolled.

Rolling doubles allows the player to choose someone else to form the sentence. If the sentence is correct, the rolling player will get full points and the chosen player will receive half points.

1) If you have no Magnetic Poetry Kit, have students roll the dice to decide the number of words to write in a sentence.
2) Use magnetic letters to form individual vocabulary words of different lengths.
3) Write a story using this game. Each sentence formed by the different players must move the story along.

This game reinforces grammar, varying sentence lengths, and encourages (forces, really) creativity.

Submitted by:
Laura J. Schmigel
Kailua-Kona, HI

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