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Preparation: Reading this.

Level: Upper Int. or above.

1. Divide the students into two teams.
2. Explain to the students that they have to speak on a given subject for as long as they can without stopping and that points are then awarded accordingly. (0-30 secs - 1 point, 30 secs plus - 2 points etc.)
2. Give each team a piece of paper and ask them to think of 5 or so subjects for the other team to talk about. Hint that they can be as devious as they want. (They will too - you'll get things like 'Chinese politics' and 'Polish cuisine'!)
3. Start the game by saying, "Ok, team A, you're going to choose someone from team B and a subject for them to talk about, but first..." *Swop the lists* - it's priceless...

This game works really well with a class that's been together a while; could be a good ice-breaker if you're feeling confident. I think it's a comfortable way for them to make mistakes and it gets them thinking in English.

Try it!


Variations or stories welcome - [email protected].

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