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"Injections" of enthusiasm

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This is a fun trick for pepping up individual students who are tired or lethargic, and who are bringing down the general atmosphere of the class. After noticing that a certain student (or students) is not participating, I go up to them with my white board marker and a cheeky grin and tell them and the whole class that my white board marker is a needle, full of "enthusiasm" (or other characteristic that they may need, e.g. "energy", "English only" etc.). Then I go up to their arm and proceed to 'inject' them with enthusiasm!!!!! I hold the pen like a needle and make a loud squelching-squirting sound as I pretend to 'inject' them in their arm. They can't help but have a big grin on their face after they have been 'injected', and the rest of the class too. It just 'brings them into the class', and is all done in good humour. Then the class continues.

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