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Can't Stop

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This is a variation of a board game of the same name where 2 teams race to reach the top first. I use this game a lot for phonics practice but it can be used for anything. Draw two vertical paths of 8-12 squares each and draw a big circle with a prize at the top. Place a magnet for each team at the bottom of the paths. If team 1 goes first ask 5 students from that team to stand. ask a question and the student who raises his hand may answer. If correct, then his team's magnet goes up one square and he\she sits down leaving 4 students standing. Ask these students: Do you want to stop? If they answer yes then draw a line under their magnet and they can't fall bellow it but their turn is over. If they answer "No" then ask another question but if they get it wrong they fall all the way to the bottom or to the last place they stopped. You must ask "Do you want to stop?" after every correct response. At first teams will try to race to the top without stopping but soon discover its very hard to answer 12 consecutive questions without any mistakes and thus always plunge back to the bottom.

Andy Kaohsiung/Taiwan

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