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Hog the brownie

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If you have seen the film "Notting Hill", one of the nicest scenes is when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is having dinner with William (Hugh Grant) and his group of friends. At coffee time, there is only one brownie left and Max says he will give the last brownie to the saddest act. Therefore one by one, they make an effort to get the brownie by telling how sad their lives are. Everybody laughs and is grief-stricken at the same time, so it could be funny to try it in the classroom. Some pupils can be very good actors and actresses. Besides you can work in groups.

If you don't have brownies, you can try with candies, cookies, etc. (Don't forget to change the name of the game).

I would like you to tell me if you have done it. Please e-mail me to:
Sofía Rodríguez
[email protected]

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