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I like grabbing my student’s attention and not letting go for a second. I do this by practicing some “Fast Learning Aerobics”
If you been to an aerobics class, you know how it works: The instructor shows you a move and you repeat it; then, he teaches you a new one and you repeat it along with the first one…you learn a third move but you repeat the first and second first…if you get distracted for a sec. your out of it.
So that’s what I do, I draw a huge grid with some 10 to 15 spaces and I start filling them
-from the easiest to the most difficult- When the first “move” is clear I explain the second and before I explain a third I asses the first and second: any mistakes and I start from number one, as many times as it takes.
Remember the most important in doing this is the intensity. Just like in a physical aerobic class, believe me, you and your student(s) will be sweating and loosing some pounds after the class. Excellent for review.

Daniel Stamato.
[email protected]

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