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Sarah's students love FRIENDS

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Use the popular American sitcom Friends to teach English! All you have to do is tape any episode onto a VHS tape. Watch the episode and take notes on any idiomatic language you hear and new or strange vocabulary words.

Use the website to help you.

This website will give you the exact dialogue as spoken by the characters for a number of old episodes. I actually did some cutting and pasting onto a handout from this website after I jotted down phrases I wanted to go over with the students.

Students love to see the words of the theme song- there’s even idiomatic language in the song! Have students think about the different personalities represented in each of the characters- Joey and Phoebe aren’t that bright- Monica is a neat freak- Chandler is sarcastic…. The discussion afterward can go anywhere- from the TV show’s representation of friends, to clothing, to jobs.

After the workshop:

1) You can have students choose one of the characters from the sitcom that they would like to be friends with and write a paragraph about it.

They'll love it!

Sarah Greis
Philadelphia, PA

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