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Fruit Basket

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I have used this game with kids 7-15, and they always love it. I always play with them, so of course, I get picked on and end up being it. You get everyone to sit in a circle. Everyone then picks out a word appropriate to the vocab you've been teaching (numbers, clothes, animals, their names, if it's a new class, or yes, even fruit). You go around the circle and have everyone say loudly what their word is. A word cannot be used more than once. Then, who ever it is gets in the middle of the circel. Say you're doing animals. You start the game by calling out an animal-"Dog!". Well, Dog has to realize their animal has been called and call another before the person in the middle can find dog and touch their shoulder. If the person in the middle does manage to touch Dog before they say "Gorilla!", or what have you, Dog is now it, and the person in the middle takes Dog's seat in the circle. Kids love this game, it really keeps them focused, and for younger children, you can provide them with flashcards instead of memorizing who everyone is.
Tons of fun, and the kids love it when Teacher has to be it. Try it out! Great for reinforcing vocab words, and pronunciation.

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