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The kids go nuts for this one, and it's a simple simple way to turn your average review into something they WANT to do

Need: Big list of questions about the book you are using (or a good imagination to come up with some).
example: take a flashcard and place it in different areas of the classroom asking 'where is the ..?' Good way to review prepositions
Anyway, the possibilities are endless regarding what you use for questions. So here's the fun part

Draw two big mouths on the whiteboard, giving each about 8 teeth. If you have a girl team and a boy team, give one some nice lips.

Ask individual team members questions. If they get it RIGHT, you erase one tooth from the OPPONENTS mouth. It gives the impression they they are knocking out the teeth of the other team.

In no time flat, you'll find yourself witha classroom full of students willing to give it their best!

Cheongju, Korea

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