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i have conditioned my kids to only speak english in class and to use peer pressure for others to do so. it is simple and worked the first week. whom ever speaks the most english in class recieves a present at the end of the week (nothing expensive, but something fun). on friday, i give the present and an award to one student in front of their peers. once they have all won and english flows like a river in your class, you just elimanate it completely. after, the first week, once they know teacher keeps his/her promises, they formulate peer pressure. "oohhh you spoke korean. no korean or you will never get the present." oh how it works. do you have kids that rush to the door trying to always be first? well i did and it caused a lot of extra stress along with kids' tears and pushing/pulling. so write all their names randomly on the broad and keep it there. the first person on the list is first in line and the second on the list is on and so on. if johnny is leader monday, he will be last on tuesday. it works so well. all the kids know where they belong and there is no fighting. it is fair....and we know how kids can keep score. olivia kimpo, south korea

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