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Perfect Match

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This game made us a legend in our middle school in china and worked really considering our classes are between 40 and 50 students. First explain idea of perfect match, telling them that this game will tell them who in their class would be their ideal boy/girlfriend. Then get everyone in the class to write 3 questions they would like to ask a potential boy/girlfriend eg what would be your ideal date? What kind of things would you do to make me love you? I gave them about 10 minutes to do this, and had some really original questions coming up.
Secondly, I first picked either one boy or one girl and told them to hide behind the door, and sometimes I got another student to keep watch on them. Then, really quietly, I tapped 3 students of the opposite sex and told them to come to the front. I acted as host, and asked the 3 students the questions the person behind the door had written. They then wrote their answers down whilst I relayed them to the person hiding, who chose either student a,b or c. At the end of the questions, whichever student had given the best answers was his/her 'perfect match'.
They found this absolutely hilarious, especially when I secretly picked 2 girls and a boy for a boy hiding and the boy was chosen as a 'perfect match'! Worked really well, definitely one of the best lessons i've done.

Becky in China

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